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Freshers: what they didn’t tell us Lifestyle 

Freshers: what they didn’t tell us

This is the first post relating to what we’ve been talking about on our radio show (if anyone wants to have a listen, you can find it here).

As Jamie and I are both Freshers, we thought that it only made sense to kick it all off with talking about our experiences of University so far here at Warwick. On Yik Yak, this seems to be a popular topic and people tend to either express their disappointment or elation about their time here so far.

I’d definitely say that uni has been a really good and positive experience so far. You can read as much as you want about what it will be like and what to expect, but it isn’t until you actually get here that everything sinks in. Compared to sixth form, you’ve got a lot more free time at uni. A lot of people tend to live away from home which also means a new found independence, namely having to cook and clean for yourself. It can seem a bit daunting to start with but once you establish some kind of routine, everything becomes much easier to manage.

In terms of our courses, both Jamie and I are really enjoying them at the moment. When it comes to work, I think that a lot of people are used to having guidance that sixth form provided them. But here, it really is all up to you. In most cases, it’s your choice whether you turn up to lectures, although that choice is somewhat taken away if attendance for certain modules is compulsory! I’ve found that the biggest difference is assignments. No one tells you when to start your work, how to go about it, it’s all up to you and how organised you want to be with it.

One of the best things about uni is the fact that you get to meet so many new people from all around the country and other countries too. Warwick in particular has a fairly high international to home students ratio so it is really cool learning about different cultures. Back at home everyone pretty much knew each other and grew up in the same area, but here at uni there’s such a diversity amongst students which is a refreshing change.

You always see a load of myths surrounding uni. One of the biggest probably has to be that everyone is out drinking pretty much every night. I can flat out say this is far from the truth. In fact, a lot of the time our flat decide to stay in. Also, going out doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going out to drink, it might just be for a nice, well cooked meal! Another myth is the stereotypes of what your flat mates are going to be like. Jamie and I certainly don’t have someone constantly mentioning their gap year, no passive aggressive notes are left in the kitchen… we don’t even have a food thief!

Societies have been great, I definitely signed up for a lot more than I had time for but I’ve ended up finding the societies that are right for me. Once you’ve settled into your course and uni life in general, you begin to work out how much time you can dedicate to societies. It’s really refreshing being given the chance to do something you never had the opportunity to do beforehand. Our radio show running alongside this blog is a prime example of that! In terms of initiations, neither of us have had to do anything at all, maybe we have just had a lucky escape?

In our show, we played a true or false game which I had to include in this post:

Jamie: You’ve eaten anything apart from pasta and take away?

Aisha: True, I’m actually pretty big on my vegetables at the moment. Besides, our dessert crawl doesn’t fall under any of that. For those of you wondering, I looked up all of the dessert places in Leamington and Coventry, we’ve already done the Coventry leg (Creams was amazing!) and plan on embarking on our dessert crawl around Leamington very soon.


Aisha: The north and south divide is real?

Jamie: Absolute true, I never realised this was an actual thing before I came. When I said I am from the Midlands, everyone assumed I was from the North, it was like I had to pick a side. They never warned me about how ridiculously expensive everything is either. My friend is at Newcastle and she can go out and get drunk for under a tenner. Here that would not happen.


Jamie: You spent your student loan during freshers week?

Aisha: False, I actually had some of my loan left over at the end of the first term. I personally haven’t bothered to budget but it has worked out fine. I know some people who have Excel documents dedicated to budgeting, that’s effort! I completely admire that.


Aisha: Is freshers flu real?

Jamie: Freshers flu is 100% real, I don’t think my flat actually heard what my voice sounded like properly until week 8. I felt awful. I ended up having to go to the doctors on site and get something.


For anyone reading this who is thinking about going to uni, it really isn’t that bad or as daunting as it may come across as! Everything might not come together to start with, but I can promise you that things will start to click. Living independently isn’t quite as stressful as it may seem either.

If any freshers or uni students in general want to share their uni experiences so far, feel free to leave a comment below!


Aisha Anbar Zahid (@AishaAnbarZahid)

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