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The Big Decision

Tonight was the night of the ‘Big Decision’. The candidates, campaigners and supporters were all present to find out their fate.

The first sabbatical position announced was the Postgraduate officer. It was no surprise when Nat Panda was announced to have won. Despite being uncontested, it was noted how admirable his endless campaigning efforts were.

Next up we had the Sports officer. Ted Crowson took victory over fellow candidate Cecilia. After that, the Societies officer was elected. Fierce competition was seen in this category as figures were very close but Marissa Beatty took the position. Marissa was the first female candidate of the night to be elected, breaking the all-male line up of the current sabbatical team.

Shortly after, Chloe Wynne took the crown for Welfare and Campaigns Officer, and of course her ‘Winnie the Pooh’ teddy was by her side. With 58.8% of the votes, Becky Gittins took Democracy and Development officer with a notably significant amount of supporters. Becky’s team of campaigners were challenged by an even larger group as Hope Worsdale was announced as the next Education officer.

12784461_484208461767703_1406985407_nThe sabbatical officers team for the next academic year (2016-17).

Finally, the one we had all been waiting for. With two nominees being existing sabbatical officers and another who managed to captivate a whole cohort of voters who would have otherwise been apathetic towards the elections, the winner was was announced. Luke Pilot was elected with 51.1% of votes which George Creasy coming in with close second at 48.9%.

The night was full of emotion with both tears of joy and sadness. All the candidates and their teams should be acknowledged for the outstanding amount of efforts and enthusiasm they’ve put into the week. As freshers, its been quite an experience seeing how much effort that is put into SU politics. We can safely say, we became a lot more invested in the elections than we had anticipated.

We’d like to say a massive congratulations to the new sabbs and a huge good luck to everyone!

Aisha Zahid (@AishaAnbarZahid) and Jamie Lee Jenkins (@JenkinsLeeJamie)

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