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Suicide Squad: ‘One wasted opportunity after another’ Literature & Culture 

Suicide Squad: ‘One wasted opportunity after another’

So I went to see Suicide Squad. I really wanted to enjoy it and for all the negative reviews to be wrong but, it pains me to say, they really weren’t. As a bit of a comic book nerd, I’ve been looking forward to this film for a very long time, but I found myself very disappointed. The only slightly comedic parts were all shown in the trailer and the story line did not make up for it.

The film did give the back stories to the characters, which I enjoyed, but the characters were never given time to fully develop. The story line and lack of character development made the film seem like a lazy attempt to bring the, mostly forgettable characters together. Although the film has a killer soundtrack, even a bit of Queen and Eminem in the same movie, did not make up for the storyline. The dark and intriguing premises were never explored within the film, adding to the list of what I believe to be missed opportunities.

Talking about missed opportunities, with all the Harley Quinn and the Joker hype going around, it would be wrong of me to ignore it within this article. This is the first film in which we get to see the very dysfunctional couple interact. The opportunity here to explore this relationship and the impact that is has, was completely thrown away as there was very little interaction and the darker dimensions of their relationship were pretty much ignored and, if not ignored, certainly glamourised. The complexities of Harley Quinn are touched on, as is the abusive and controlling relationship she has with The Joker, however, this never has chance to be explored as too much is being crammed into the fast paced plot. The movie seems unable to handle the conflicting sides of Quinn. The film does nothing for her, or many of it’s female characters which leaves many characters under used and seemingly random.

Overall, in case it wasn’t obvious, I didn’t enjoy the film and, judging by the many reviews that I have read, many others felt the same. In my opinion, they attempt to cram too much into a short space of time which resulted in massive disparities throughout which were glaringly obvious. When it comes to Harley Quinn, she has always been a divisive character but, if only the film would have been more daring and given more time to the characters, I believe some important issues could have been raised.

Jamie Lee Jenkins (@JenkinsLeeJamie)

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