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2016: A Year in Review Comment Politics & Current Affairs 

2016: A Year in Review

A quick glance at 2016’s biggest headlines and last year can easily be labelled as one of the worst. Indeed, this politically, socially and economically volatile year has seen the UK voting to leave the European Union, Donald Trump winning the US Presidential election, and numerous terrorist attacks, fuelled by hatred. 2016 was a year characterised by death: more than 13,500 innocent civilians have been killed in Syria this year; hundreds have died at the hands of terrorists during attacks in Brussels, Istanbul, Nice, Orlando, Jakarta and Berlin; MP Jo…

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Savvy Student Saving tips: The Christmas Edition Lifestyle 

Savvy Student Saving tips: The Christmas Edition

With under four weeks left until the big day, if you haven’t started thinking about Christmas shopping yet, you probably should. With the end of term approaching, student loans are running out and Black Friday bargains are over, but fear not, here are some top tips for doing Christmas on a student budget:   Make a budget (and stick to it!). Work out exactly how much you have to spend, who you need to buy for and how much you can afford to spend on each person. That way you…

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Calais ‘Jungle’: Are comparisons with Nazi Germany justified? Comment 

Calais ‘Jungle’: Are comparisons with Nazi Germany justified?

A week after the controversial clearance of the so-called Calais ‘jungle’ began, the final 1,500 refugee children have been moved from the camp this morning. With this demolition, our attention has once again been drawn to the ongoing migrant crisis and yet another comparison to Nazi Germany has been made. Last week, Clare Moseley, founder of the charity Care4Calais, became the latest addition to the growing list of those who have drawn the comparison between Jewish victims of the Holocaust and twenty-first century refugees. Indeed, her comment that “the way…

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‘Volunteering abroad is no holiday’ Comment 

‘Volunteering abroad is no holiday’

Follow me on any form of social media and this summer you will have seen me on safari in Pilanesberg, climbing mountains in Cape Town and even bungee jumping in Soweto (because I’m obviously slightly crazy). But, contrary to its portrayal on Facebook, my six-week stay in South Africa was far from a holiday. As part of the Warwick in Africa programme, I spent six weeks teaching English at Realogile, a township school in Alexandra, one of the poorest parts of South Africa. Daily exposure to such a deprived and…

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