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2016: A Year in Review Comment Politics & Current Affairs 

2016: A Year in Review

A quick glance at 2016’s biggest headlines and last year can easily be labelled as one of the worst. Indeed, this politically, socially and economically volatile year has seen the UK voting to leave the European Union, Donald Trump winning the US Presidential election, and numerous terrorist attacks, fuelled by hatred. 2016 was a year characterised by death: more than 13,500 innocent civilians have been killed in Syria this year; hundreds have died at the hands of terrorists during attacks in Brussels, Istanbul, Nice, Orlando, Jakarta and Berlin; MP Jo…

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A Reflection on the 2016 Financial Year Finance Politics & Current Affairs 

A Reflection on the 2016 Financial Year

2016 has undoubtedly been one of the most politically and socially tumultuous years we have experienced in our short lifetimes. It’s worth taking a look at what has happened in the realms of politics, finance and global economy this year, in order to understand the repercussions these events will have in the coming year, 2017. These events may also impact the rest of our lives. The election of Donald Trump in the United States, on 9th November, was a triumph for the alt-right. His rancorous campaign went against every diplomatic…

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