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Why Trump as ‘Person of the Year’ shouldn’t be seen as an ‘honour’ Comment 

Why Trump as ‘Person of the Year’ shouldn’t be seen as an ‘honour’

Donald Trump has scarcely been out of the headlines in the build up to and since he won the US Presidential election in November, usually for his contentious political statements. However, most recently, the President Elect has made news for being recognised as TIME magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ for 2017. Subsequently, a public outcry emerged on social media, with international outrage at the controversial decision and one user summarising widespread dismay, tweeting: ‘Donald Trump was named TIME magazine person of the year. Not a great year to be a…

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‘Ich Bin Ein Berliner’ Lifestyle 

‘Ich Bin Ein Berliner’

It was 2am on Saturday morning when my alarm went off. As Taylor was shaking if off, I was putting on my HistSoc Berlin hoodie (which I still haven’t taken off as a side note) and trying to make myself look half presentable. It was Berlin day. A group of 44 of us got on the coach and headed to Gatwick. Excited, hungry and bloody knackered we boarded the plane and less than 2 hours later touched down in Berlin. In typical tourist fashion, my bum bag and Instagram filters…

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International Women’s Week Series: The Changing Face of Identity Politics & Current Affairs 

International Women’s Week Series: The Changing Face of Identity

For today’s post, I want to consider relatively recent developments of the feminist movements and the impact that this has had, not only on individuals, but also the masses. For this, you will have to forgive me, but a quick history lesson is required. The 1970’s saw a return of feminism in a way which it had not been witnessed before. The focus was no longer just on public sphere, political aims. Now women, from all walks of life, were becoming unified in a fight which politicized the private sphere…

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Left and Wrong? Comment 

Left and Wrong?

Last night I was reporting on Warwick’s new Vice-Chancellors first Question and Answer session. There were many topics that particularly stood out to me, so expect to see lots of articles coming up in the next few weeks discussing them. Despite the fact I certainly didn’t agree with everything Stuart Croft was saying to us, at least he was saying it to us. One topic that I thought was especially relevant at the moment was the idea of Free Speech and Academic Debate. Recently I have seen various articles and…

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Is your Degree getting the Third Degree? Comment 

Is your Degree getting the Third Degree?

This week on The Vocal Hub we were chatting about an all too common subject for students around the country. It seems that, once going through the pressures of choosing a University, your choice of course under scrutiny by friends, family and in fact anyone who you speak to, you then have to deal with your degree choice getting the third degree. ‘What are you studying?’ ‘History.’ ‘Oh… I always knew you’d make a good teacher.’ This is an outright lie. I would make an awful teacher. It then shocks…

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