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2016: A Year in Review Comment Politics & Current Affairs 

2016: A Year in Review

A quick glance at 2016’s biggest headlines and last year can easily be labelled as one of the worst. Indeed, this politically, socially and economically volatile year has seen the UK voting to leave the European Union, Donald Trump winning the US Presidential election, and numerous terrorist attacks, fuelled by hatred. 2016 was a year characterised by death: more than 13,500 innocent civilians have been killed in Syria this year; hundreds have died at the hands of terrorists during attacks in Brussels, Istanbul, Nice, Orlando, Jakarta and Berlin; MP Jo…

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The beginning of the end for the reporter’s notepad? Science & Technology 

The beginning of the end for the reporter’s notepad?

The recent Rio 2016 Olympic Games saw many talented athletes wow the general public worldwide. Whilst the tradition of the Games is centuries old, the Washington Post had an extremely modern and innovative way of covering the event: using a robot reporter. Taking statistics from sports data company,, the robot reporter named ‘Heliograf’, posted short updates on the games onto the Post’s live blog, Facebook and Twitter. Some of its roles included posting about timings of scheduled events, medal rankings by country, and the medal results for each event. The Post will also be using this reporting…

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