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Top tips for planning a trip to Sorrento Lifestyle 

Top tips for planning a trip to Sorrento

Recently, my dream of going to Italy came true and it surpassed the already high expectations I had. As brilliant as they look, I didn’t spend my time away at the obvious choices of Rome or Milan (maybe next year), but instead stayed in the beautiful town of Sorrento, located about one hour away from the city of Naples. On the coast of southern Italy, Sorrento is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for plenty to explore; a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and some insanely good food you’ll never…

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‘Volunteering abroad is no holiday’ Comment 

‘Volunteering abroad is no holiday’

Follow me on any form of social media and this summer you will have seen me on safari in Pilanesberg, climbing mountains in Cape Town and even bungee jumping in Soweto (because I’m obviously slightly crazy). But, contrary to its portrayal on Facebook, my six-week stay in South Africa was far from a holiday. As part of the Warwick in Africa programme, I spent six weeks teaching English at Realogile, a township school in Alexandra, one of the poorest parts of South Africa. Daily exposure to such a deprived and…

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Are we past the ‘family summer holiday’? Lifestyle 

Are we past the ‘family summer holiday’?

No matter who you are travelling with, whether it be your family or your friends, you are bound to have an enjoyable experience, however, one that varies depending on who you decide to travel with. Last summer I travelled with three of my close college friends to Rome, Italy. It was the first time I had gone on holiday without my parents and it was definitely an eye-opening experience. As the natural leader of the group, I was in charge of organising the whole holiday and there are so many…

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Gap Year Experiences Lifestyle 

Gap Year Experiences

As I sit here putting off checking though my long essays, I can’t help but envy those people who decided to take a gap year. When I was at sixth form, taking a gap year wasn’t even a consideration for me, I didn’t think I could afford it, I was too scared to have to go through the University application alone and, to be honest, I just wanted to be doing what all my friends were doing and that was going straight off to University. I sometimes think this unconsidered…

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‘Ich Bin Ein Berliner’ Lifestyle 

‘Ich Bin Ein Berliner’

It was 2am on Saturday morning when my alarm went off. As Taylor was shaking if off, I was putting on my HistSoc Berlin hoodie (which I still haven’t taken off as a side note) and trying to make myself look half presentable. It was Berlin day. A group of 44 of us got on the coach and headed to Gatwick. Excited, hungry and bloody knackered we boarded the plane and less than 2 hours later touched down in Berlin. In typical tourist fashion, my bum bag and Instagram filters…

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